Left halfway on a path of finding eternal love
Where broken promises lay scattered
I look around for a single ray of hope
   Nothing in sight, I am left disheartened

          Crying over my scratched and bruised soul
  I sit at the same spot, freezing in place
      Awaiting that one man to share my pain
     But a fear throws me into another space

          The journey so far has been painful enough
              I am devoid of courage to take another blow.

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An Eternal Wait

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knowing that you never come back,

i had a little hope that i will see you again.

knowing that you wont like me again,

i had a hope that you still care for me

knowing that i am not your cup of tea,

still had a hope that you will speak with me again.

my wait time for you made me realize, the depth of love.

with little of pain and more of joy

The wait continues ❤



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Once strangers,now F.R.I.E.N.D.S


It’s hard to believe that my college life  came to an end. On the very first day for my i had no clue about what will happen for the next four years. will i even get good friends? when will i complete and move out from this place? with so many questions in my mind i went to college, my mamma came to escort me up to the college. I still remember the very first friend i spoke in the college is “mahalakshmi”. our first conversation was way to formal.

Everything seemed new. New faces with many dreams. Days passed, new faces started becoming the familiar ones. Lucky are those who get a bunch of friends with same mental disorder(LOL).  YES, i got them the wonderful JKL4M2. 



There start the happy days of my college life with so many fun starting from the pranks we made, the games we played especially our very first truth or dare is the game i’ll never forget in my life (LOL). the gang sighting we do.The lunch boxes we shared under the desk. Getting mark sheet and escaping from crash course are all the nightmares we had. Those last minute record submission and last day no due sign are all one  irksome tasks.

our guide ( krishna) she is always full of fun, one positive girl. to the buushu we shout, to the daaluma we shout. “SARANGHAEO” krish , i had never seen her crying but the day she cried was for the farewell speech she gave stating that she is going to miss us.

my second year is incomplete without you baby. starting from the first day first bench students to the last day of second year with the last bench students,the days we branded ourselves  as LAST BENCHERS starting from excuse me can you come out for a minute to the OUCH MY RIGHT LEG. stay my minion always baby 🙂

The very first friend of my college “MAANU” the struggle we had to complete our code in karthick sir class are all the memories we had together. The bench mates from first year to now KAVS_ANGEL and MAHALAKSHMI  really missed you during the middle half of my college dairy, the partnership we do for the silly class test to make them clear. My sanda kozhi MALAR who fills everyone’s tummy. Mummy for ECE-B KIRUTHIGA who take care of us always haha mummy for a reason. KOTHAI be one silent girl of JK4LM2. The bestest BOYFRIEND ( KEER baby )  that no one will get, every tough time you had been with me and will be with me :*.  The Gayathiri’s of ECE B, PUFF on fire when music is ON the best DANCER of ECE- B. Madurai gayathiri A – the SPORTS WOMAN. The coolest girl of ECE-B is probably DONA. The toppers who never failed to represent our class in toppers list MANJARI, HARINI, MAHALAKXME. GAYATHIRI DEVI and DIVYA who always come on time to class. MONISHA the ponnu of our class. KANAGAVALLI and MUTHARASI the sisters who can’t be separated by anybody. One hard worker KAVITHA.


MANIBALAN  (REP) who sacrificed his life for us. its is proven by many source that Mr.handsome of ECE-B is JAGANATH. That late comers AKBAR ,KUMARAGURU, MOHAN JAYAPRAKASh. The love birds RAJIV AND MIRA the cutest couple. MANOJ and HARINI #Couplegoals. JAYASURYA and KOTHI made for each other. The helpful hand KUSHAL especially when we urge to pay exam fee. HARISH the first bencher always. Even angry bird is a looser MURALI. CEO of google to be MOTHI PRAKASH. MAGESHWARI be the sweet and snacks supplier always. your lover for dogs are infinite JANANI. The cultural coordinator KALKI. HEMANTH that shy guy who says never speaks with girls but has full of girls name in contact list :D. the pandi thatha RIFATH who is very good hearted and taking care of many kitty. People call him korea and thinks he is really a korean KARTHIKEYAN. no doubt that KOUSHIK is always  JEGAN first love  😀  MR.invisible  LISHWANTH , SATHISH AND MANIKANDAN . The coding genius YUVARAJ.


That pakathu State guy JASHWANTH (neku tamil theriyathu). whistle podu LOKESH.  JAGADEESH the mokka comedy king. SHAFEEK the bank manager to be. GURUNATH the chef. Best singer and sportsman KARTHICK. GAYATHIRI.G  the bride to be . Mr.gadgets GOkUL



The last page of our diary has come to an END, yes only three more days more starting from today. i know we will miss each other. There will be no silly gossips, no mass bunking and no gathering in college canteen .no mess foods.  Many dream are broken apart , few are fulfilled and many dreams are to be archive . I cannot explain that what is so special about my college but It has shown me the real face of life and how to live it.

                ONCE  STANGERS NOW F.A.M.I.L.Y- THEN NOW AND FOREVER 31543505_2046339385380141_5458820720735813632_n



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blog 4

It’s a tough ride ,to live a independent life…

I was that child with no siblings, left alone with toys to play. I was always that really quiet shy girl who would never smile, i really don’t get along with my family and friends.  Speaking with strangers is totally a difficult job in the whole world.

But i always wish to be an Independent girl. some said the word INDEPENDENT even have to depend on DEPENDENT. For a girl who wants to live a independent life, she is mentioned as

“She’s a feminist.”

“She’s a total bitch, man!”

Living a independent life for a girl in this present society is not so easy. even though many are saying girls have equal rights few says a  girl should reach home before sunset.A girl can choose only the  cloths of her own choice not more than that, she is not involved in any big decision making. This is the freedom a girl is having in this current world.

Always remember girls “NEVER LISTEN TO THE SOCIETY” just keep moving on with your dreams. because at the end only you will be there for yourself.


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Another Life


“Dreams mixed with a thick  vocation, She agreed to dispatch her dreams.”


Her birthplace is a tentative.

She is bartered for another life 


Her determination were all destroyed.

She is surrounded with rationale.

She will be treated as delinquent, If not agreed.

she had to wrestle to achieve her ambition.


“Its her big day, all her sweet dreams were broken “.

she had struggled , struggling and will struggle to fulfill her dreams.

  Marriage can change a girl’s life utterly.

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The Sleeping Beauty



The twinkling stars set high in the sky

The full round moon is all its glory

I  could feel your presence in the wind that blow from there,

I could feel your presence when you fortify  me,

And i’m impressed

Because you tutelage me, when i’m week

Because you escort me, when i’m alone

That’s why

The more i meet people, the more i begin to fall for you -“SLEEP

“prioritizing good sleep is a good self love” !!!!

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Confusion and Fear:

Reminiscing the past 

she realized what she had lost 

she lost the person she thought who would come till the denouement

getting drowned in her thoughts 

she remembered those days when they were together 

those days when they used to wake-up with a good morning message and have an endless talk and end with an unwilling good night message….

everything seems to be happy and better 

he never fails to make her smile 

every time they fight, that doesn’t last long, they seems to patch up very soon!

all of sudden he went far away

leaving her to suffer for days and nights

spring turned to summer and summer to fall , she started to move on in her life…

everything seems to be fine again

she started to focus on her studies and went miles, she doesn’t wish to remember anything about him..but ..”fate to remember his birthday ” (april 15th)  , To say him a  birthday wishes or not ?

she is confused tumblr_o4784aRwqW1rh9ffao1_1280



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